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 - total length of chain 17 inches
 - length may be adjusted upon request
 - necklace will arrive in a gift box



 - light orange quartz stone with titanium rods

 - gold-filled encasement

 - approximately 5/8 inch


~ Rutilated Quartz Properties~

- Allows positivity to come through

- Helps to move through the fear of not acheving

- Clears fears and negative thoughts

- Raises vibration 

- Confidence

- Connects you to the psychic field

- Encourages to share a postive message

- Helps with depression

- Healing

- Abundance

Rutilated Quartz Round

  • Our stones are all uniquely cut, and as a result no two stones will be the exact same.


    Our pieces will always adhere to the color, style, size and the metal-type requested; however, as a result of the unique quality of each stone, we cannot guarantee that the stone will be exactly as pictured.


    If you are unhappy with the stone on your piece after receiving it, please refer to our Return Policy.

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