-Gold filled shank and moon

-Your choice of amethyst, garnet, moonstone or drusy

-Made to order, please specify stone and size


~Amethyst Properties~

- Stone of silent wisdom

- Raises spiritual vibration and guidance

- Enhances ability to reach higher states of consciousness

- Helps you to slow down

- Calming

- Eases racing thoughts

- Assits in a peaceful nights sleep

- Supports mental clairty and helps with decision making

- Brings blissfulness 


~Garnet Properties~

- Revitalizes, purifes and balances energy

- Energizing

- Security and protection

- Heals the body when not feeling well

- Integrity

- Supports self respect 

- Motivates to focus on the things that bring joy, pleasure and happiness.

- Stabilizes the mind

- Gets rid of negative emotions in the body


~Moonstone Properties~

- Stone of new beginnings

- Raises Intuition

- Calming and Nurturing

- Balances Emotions

- Helps bring dreams into reality


~Quartz Druzy Properties~

- Purifies and removes blockages

- Amplifies the body's natural healing ablilites

- Strengthens spirit and realignment to inner light and purpose

- Brings clairiy to the mind.

Moon Ring

  • Our stones are all uniquely cut, and as a result no two stones will be the exact same.


    Our pieces will always adhere to the color, style, size and the metal-type requested; however, as a result of the unique quality of each stone, we cannot guarantee that the stone will be exactly as pictured.


    If you are unhappy with the stone on your piece after receiving it, please refer to our Return Policy.