- total length of chain 17 inches
 - length may be adjusted upon request
 - necklace will arrive in a gift box


 - white and blue marbled Larimar stone

 - approximately 1/2 inch


~ Larimar Properties ~

- Radiates love, peace, clairity and healing

- Promotes tranquility 

- Deep meditation

- Raises consciousness to new and higher vibrations

- Empowers spirituality 

- Removes self- imposed blockages and self sabatoging behavior

- Helps gain control over life

- Alleviates guilt and fear

- Promotes self-confidence and encourages us to express our deepest truths and fears

Larimar Natural Cut

  • Our stones are all uniquely cut, and as a result no two stones will be the exact same.


    Our pieces will always adhere to the color, style, size and the metal-type requested; however, as a result of the unique quality of each stone, we cannot guarantee that the stone will be exactly as pictured.


    If you are unhappy with the stone on your piece after receiving it, please refer to our Return Policy.